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Marlowe Ma < >                                                     Fri, Feb 03, 2012 05:03 AM

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Thank You for Your Dentistry

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Emmeline Mocorro-Ma <  >  

Good Morning Tri,


Please forward this message to your wonderful “wife-dentist”.  Emmeline and I

are very happy with her customer service and level of professionalism in her

dental care. Dr. Betty is a great dentist – the best we have had in our 40+ years of life. 


We have constantly recommended your dental practice to our family and friends.  My

friends ask me why do I travel nearly 40 miles from Canton to Madison Heights

for a dentist?  It is because we value your quality of service and your wonderful staff,

Kathy, Netta, and your two other excellent hygienists, etc..  


In summary, I hope Dr. Betty continue to get a renewed source of energy to maintain

her dental practice.  I sense she is overworking herself at times to take care of her family

and patients.  You all deserve a nice, long vacation but you need to come

back to work . .  :+)


Emmeline and I hope she is still practicing for a very long time!




Marlowe Ma





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 Adorable  - Dec 31, 2010

The husband and wife team are just wonderful providers of dental care. They call you to remind you of your appointment.

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 outtake  - Dec 31, 2010
She is good. I will definitely bring my other family members here.
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 skills  - Dec 29, 2010

Betty and Tri are great provider of dental care. We love going to her

for all our dental care.

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 Brian  - Oct 22, 2009

excellent dentist Grace Dental care is an excellent dentist and members

of my family have used her for everything from cleaning, whitening, general

oral care, and cosmetic dentistry and braces. Definitely the best in

Madison Heights.

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 Donald  - Oct 15, 2009

The Best Dentist At Grace they really take care of all their patients.

Every time I go in for teeth whitening I cant believe that my teeth always

come out feeling so clean...and looking clean. Great job all around.

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 Amanda  - Oct 15, 2009

My Favorite Dentist Throughout my entire life I have had problems with

my teeth, including a need for braces at an older age. therefore, I never really

liked dentistwith the exception of my dentist at Grace Dental Care.

At Grace I got only the best in dentistry treatments!

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 Jerry  - Oct 14, 2009

Amazing Dentist I needed a Dentist for my teeth cleaning and whitening,

and Grace Dental Care saw me on short notice. They did a great job, and my

teeth have never looked whiter.

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